About Us

Tom Scannapieco
“The ultimate value of real estate can be measured by its impact on a community.”
—Tom Scannapieco, President and CEO

For over 30 years, Scannapieco Development Corporation has been a driving force in the real estate industry. Throughout its history, the company has pursued regionally significant projects that have presented unique challenges, addressing the complex demands of real estate development in the Northeast Corridor.

From trend-setting luxury high-rise and mid-rise residential to mixed-use commercial and hotel development, Scannapieco Development Corporation has successfully established partnerships and joint ventures with institutions and major corporations including numerous Fortune 500 firms. The company has completed over $1 billion of innovative development and is widely recognized as one of the most respected and creative companies in the development industry.

Scannapieco Development Corporation’s recent projects, 1706 Rittenhouse and 500 Walnut, have transcended the residential real estate market in Philadelphia by establishing a new brand of ultra-luxury residences never before offered in the city.

In 2011, the Urban Land Institute recognized 1706 Rittenhouse as one of the 20 best projects in the Americas and was the first residential project in Philadelphia to receive this designation. Tom Scannapieco was also awarded a citation from Mayor Michael Nutter for creating outstanding examples of intelligent, creative and mindful design. His communities have been recognized as “game changing” and have established him as the expert in the ultra-luxury market.